Love Desserts (Unlimited Desserts for 199PHP)

a1 A post on FB went viral about this Dessert Buffet place. It also got my attention since I love desserts as well. I was reading the comments (well I need to know where that place is) and someone said that they have a shop in Banawe and Fairview. Lucky for me I’m just a ten minutes drive to Banawe. So I cannot not go to that place since it’s near to me. I also google-d the place and what they have to offer and I found a bunch of blog posts with good reviews about Love Desserts. I’ve decided that since I’m really in to sweets I should pay a visit to their shop. I know my dad’s family has a history of having diabetes but what the hell that didn’t stop me from eating donuts before (too bad they donut have donut hahaha) and won’t stop me as well from trying this Love Desserts place.

Love Desserts offers UNLIMITED DESSERT and DRINKS for only 199PHP. They are located in 915 Banawe St. and their second branch is in Pearl Drive somewhere in Commonwealth Fairview Q.C. Google it


I went to Love Desserts Banawe with Mac, he wasn’t really into sweets as in NEVER but I forced him to go with me. We got there at almost 3pm, so I expected there would be less people since it’s Monday and it’s 3pm but what the fudge we were third in the waiting list and the first and second before us were both from a big circle of friends. So yep we waited for I think 15 minutes more or less.

Finally our turn came. The place is too sweet, but it would be better if it is bigger. The place is kinda loud since there’s a lot of group of friends eating inside. (Well you can’t blame them it’s better if you’ll bring many friends you get to chit chat a lot and eat a lot and it’ll be worth it.)

These are most of the desserts that were served when we visited Love Desserts. Wow too many desserts. I mean redundantly and literally. And wait you should have a tissue or a hankie next to you cause you might experience salivating. 👅👅👅


Nope. You won’t die of diabetes just by looking on the pictures. No need to worry. They all look so pretty and sweet and yummy. And yup the taste is sweet and yummy and pretty as well. What. Oh wait did I say pretty, yummy and sweet???

They also have a separate table for a make your own Halo-halo, design your own ice cream (they offered big scoop ice cream so yup it’s good and it’s low fat cause what you need after eating those cakes is a low fat ice cream lol) crepes (where you can choose from a variety of flavors) and UNLIMITED ICE TEA, MILK TEA and COFFEE. Definitely worth it.


When you get a toothache because of too much sweetness they also offer salty food to balance your taste buds. During our time there they have cheese sticks, nachos and some other stuffs I forgot because I wasn’t really paying too much attention on those.


I was overwhelmed with all the sweets they served. It actually would be much easier to state the name of the desserts that they don’t have like hmmmm let me think ahmmm donut ( that’s the only thing I could think for now). The place is pretty awesome and I also took some pictures of it but most of them are bad shot since there are lots of people standing  during that time but I was able to capture a wall behind me that has some quotes hanging on it. So here it goes.


I’d definitely be back to this place again but not everyday cause that will definitely give me diafuckingbetes.

Sweet tooth craving BEYOND SATISFIED. No leftover cause you’ll pay 399PHP I think. ❤❤❤

Love Dessert

Instagram: @lovedessertsbuffet

Facebook: Love Desserts


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