Amo Yamie Crib – Mendiola Branch

Amo Yamie Crib is a popular cafe for students as far as I know. I’ve seen them topping the Booky’s Top Restaurant List for quite some time. I’ve been wanting to go there since they opened a branch near my apartment which is along Espana and near UST. But knowing how lazy I am it took me a couple of weeks to be able to dine in and funny thing is instead of going to the nearest branch which is in Espana we opted to go to Mendiola branch since they have parking there. Not sure if they have in Espana Branch. I facebooked DM them if they have parking but they did not reply. Well here it goes. Oh wait…. It was a Sunday and Espana branch was closed that’s why we went to Mendiola branch, oh now I remember.

Here is my experience in Amo Yamie Crib – Mendiola:

When we got there, I was expecting few ppl since it was Sunday. It wasnt that crowded but definitely not few people. There were some group of friends, couples, bffs. I was included in the couple thing since I went here with my boyfriend. Lol.

I don’t have that much picture of the place because I enjoyed taking photos of the food. By the way the food they serve are burgers, fries, nachos, sandwich, milk teas, chocolate drinks and many more that will satisfied your craving for sweets.

Mac and I  ordered Drunk Dwarf, Milk Tea, Mini burger, club house sandwich and smores. I’m not sure about their price but what I have on the caption of each photos is what I remember the price is but I’m not 100% sure.

Of course the Drunk Dwarf Jav-Alladin (hope the name is right) is mine. It looks so delicious right?🙂


I’m so in love with the place, it was a Sunday that’s why it’s not too loud inside. I imagined on weekdays and they have a lot of customers that are students it’s probably loud and not so relaxing. But the day we went there  it felt so cozy. Another buti na lang😉

I’d probably be back here again next time I’ll bring my mom and sister.


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