Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge “Pink Gold”

Goodbye Apple, Hello Samsung!


I’ve tried almost all of the Apple iPhones out there from the first one until the iPhone 6s Plus. And I pretty much loved every single one of them. But since I got here in DXB, I decided to switch to Samsung. Honestly, I have no interest on buying a Samsung smart phone. I remember before I bought my iPhone 6S Plus Rose Gold, I was also torn beetween S6 edge and iPhone 6s plus justbecause the “edge” on the Samsung Galaxy looks freaking awesome and dope. But that time I still wound up getting an iPhone.

I had to give up my iPhone for the reason that I’m not able to use it here in DXB, it was locked from my carrier back in the Philippines. I went to some cellular phone repair store in Satwa but they can’t help me unlocked my phone. I even pre-ordered an “Unlock for iPhone using IMEI” from this website  but that mother fvcker doesn’t fvcking work. They seemed so legit though. They have so many good reviews on their website but they can’t even unlock my phone, so don’t get fooled, I’m warning you. I was gonna post on their website that I have been waiting for almost 3 months for my pre-order which costed me 24 GBP. But there’s not even a link to post a review. If I send it to their mail, I doubt they’ll post it.  So I sent my iPhone back to my family in the Philippines. I was planning on getting an iPhone again but my schoolmate back from high school, posted an advertisement on Facebook selling his Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Pink Gold. And I’m like woahhhhhhhhhh I want that! I started to watch review on YouTube for the S7 Edge and these YouTubers had me convinced on “edge screen” and “pink gold”.


My boyfriend bought the phone for me back from the Philippines since here in DXB there is no “pink gold” color on Samsung or any major electronic shop. There are probably some in Satwa, but it’s cheaper in the Philippines, well… maybe not cheaper but just the same value. The original price was thirty three thousand pesos (2700 Aed) PHP) for the unit (we haggled on the price and we got 10% discount), the tempered glass was one thousand pesos (80 Aed)  and the case was nine hundred pesos  (70Aed).

My boyfriend sent the phone to me via his friend, who had a flight to dubai a week after he bought it.  I’ve been using it for exactly 30 days today and so far, I’m loving it.

What I love about my Samsung Gaxy S7 Edge:

  • Pink Gold
  • Edge Screen
  • Customize my own wallpaper and use different launcher
  • Back Camera with and w/o Flash – I hated my iPhone camera when I used it with flash.
  • Front Camera – I love how wide the front camera is, I just hate using it at night because it automatically filters or beautify your face.
  • Always on Display
  • Size
  • Torrent app works
  • High Resolution Screen
  • Memory card slot

These are the few things that I love on my phone. If I discover something in the future I will list it down above🙂

P.S. I want a Black iPhone 7 though but it’s too fvking steep, I’ll just settle with my S7 Edge😦  Also I hope my phone won’t explode.


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