The Lost Bread (Food StrEAT Maginhawa)

If you are into milk shake or into just sweets, this is a perfect place for you. Everyone is raving about this place that’s why I had to try it. I’ve been to this place twice already. And yes I will be coming back again. If only it’s not that far I would be here every frigging week, I just love how their milkshake taste plus it’s just the right amount of sweetness and another plus is that you’ll love the milk shake itself because it’s very instagram worthy honestly you can not take a picture before sipping it or for my case galloping the whole bottle in less than a minute (I’m joking, no I’m not.).


The Lost Bread is located inside Food StrEAT Maginhawa, and yes I wish it has a bigger place. And you really need to fall in line before you get your turn. Although in my case, both times I’ve been there I think I only waited like 2 minutes more or less. Lucky me. But I did not get the chance to sit in their shop because its fully packed. And also there are times they take break because they’re resting their machines.


This is the full list for their menu. Sorry it looks kinda dirty but that’s what they have eh. My personal favorite is The Campfire, it’s so good especially the Toasted Mallows.


The Lost Bread is located at 91 Food StrEAT Maginhawa, Quezon City.

Check out their IG at: @thelostbread_


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