All the Best for 2017

Time sure fly very fast.

Happy New Year you guys!

New Year’s Eve was different. I celebrated it with my housemates in our villa. No fireworks just food. Ohh, I miss the Philippines.

Happy New Year again from me and my fiance ❀  Good Riddance 2016—

Last year was an insane year, it was indeed a very depressing year. Why? First, I flew away from the Philippines, just so I could work and get a new job overseas with a mediocre salary. Second, I was away with Mac for almost three (3) fucking months. I was away with everyone, my family, my friends, everyoneeee. Third, I had to leave  my job in the Philippines where I love the people I work with so much. Fourthly, my Inay and my Tatay died last year. And I was not able to say my goodbye to them. It was a very sad and stressful year and I’m just happy it’s over now.

Though, last year was very stressful. I was still blessed. Why? I got engaged with my three (3) years boyfriend who is now my fiance. I’m so grateful for him, he’s the one who’s always there for me and he keeps on supporting me. He even flew here, left his family and life in the Philippines just to be with me. That was the sweetest thing. And I was also blessed to find a job overseas without having any hindrances.

And….. here comes 2017. The Year of the Rooster. Hopefully this will be my year, since I was born in the year of the rooster. I claim that this is my year. How? I’m trying to have a healthy life, I plan on eating clean food and doing exercise. I’ve been gaining weight since I got here. That’s why one of my New Year’s Resolution is to lose weight and be healthy. Also, this year, my fiance and I are also planning to get married by February. Yay!  And before the year ends, we want to visit another country. Lastly, I wanna be frugal and save more money. That’s all my plans for this year.


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