Trip to Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a two hours travel away from the Philippines.

I remember it was a sunny day, Mac’s brother in law dropped us at the NAIA Terminal 3 Departures Area, so we won’t need to rent a cab. It was my very first time to flew outside the country. Mac and I flew with Air Asia, and we were so lucky we got a low fare. For Mac it was his second time in Hong Kong.

At the airport, we paid our travel tax, we queued in line to get our boarding pass, and we pass by immigration. After then we waited less than an hour before our plane arrived.

We were so excited to be in Hong Kong and explore the city.

We arrived in our hotel, we took a rest for a while and did a lot of walking and eating after. Hong Kong is such a pretty place. Although it’s not very special.

Tourist are everywhere just walking their arse off.

We also went to Hong Kong Disneyland. Just to take some photos.And then we left early to do some shopping in Mongkok.

I love the Metro in Hong Kong. It’s very convenient.

On our last day in Hong Kong, Mac and I were very sad. We didn’t wanna leave this country, we didn’t want our vacation to end. But we needed to face reality.

Good bye HK till we meet again!


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