Cheap Food in Hong Kong

Mac and I love to eat. But since we needed to cut our food budget in Hong Kong, we mostly just ate at Mcdonalds and had some street foods as well.

It’s not too bad though.

For breakfast/brunch we normally ate at McDonald’s. It’s the cheapest out there.

If you don’t want Mcdonald’s you could try KFC. We also had Pizza Hut, but it’s not really that cheap.

While we were walking we passed by this shop which sells this kind of waffle, Idk what this food is called, it does looks like waffles but it’s kinda crispy.

And of course we just had to try HK’s street food.

And more streets food…

For dessert, we had some egg tarts. I swear this one was really good.

And our favorite starbucks. Starbucks Philippines is so much cheaper and tastier IMO.

I just had to buy this ice cream. To satisfy my sweet tooth after all those salty street food in HK.


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