Review: Ibis Hotel AD

Mac and I with our housemates decided to have a road trip in A.D. and we stayed in Ibis Hotel.

We booked a Standard Double Room from and it costed us 215 AED in total.

The drive to AD from our villa was almost two hours. We were so happy when we found the hotel. We just wanted to have our much needed R&R but the hotel crew had us waiting for like half an hour in the lobby before our room was prepared.

The room was pretty small. Nonetheless it was very neat. We could not have asked more for what we’ve paid.

The mattress was very soft. Too bad I don’t like very soft mattress.

And for our coffee and tea fix, we had these stuffs.

We have a kettle, a mini fridge, a TV, and a small closet.

And here is our not so clean window with a pool and a man made lake view.

At night, we decided to take a dip in the pool. Since it was friggin’ hot the whole day. And because why not? Btw, there is a 25 AED fee if you want to swim. I know! It should be for free, right?

Love this look at night.

Overall, my stay here was okay. Considering the amount of money we’ve spent, it was worth it. And if you get hungry and you happened to not like the menu for the room service there are a few restaurants option at the lobby area. Also, I suggest that you bring all of your necessities here cause the place is far from reality… I mean far from the city, the grocery store, and whatnot. And don’t forget to bring all your three way socket thingy. That’s the most important!

So there goes our stay in Ibis.


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