Serendipity 3: Dessert Lovers’ Heaven

Have you guys seen the movie Serendipity? Of course you have, right?! I love that movie.

And when I found out that there is a Serendipity in DFC, I was like… “Holy Shit I’m Gonna  Eat There!” And yes I did.

As you can see from the outside of the restaurant it looks very inviting and sweet.

The interior is so pretty, it’s so IG worthy! And it has a Hollywood vibe all over it. Although it doesn’t  look like the one in the movie Serendipity which was filmed in New York, you won’t be disappointed, the view everywhere you look is perfect and if you choose to seat at the back side you get a glimpse of the man-made sea.

Since I’m a big sucker for anything red velvet I had to try the red velvet cake. It was 50 f*@%king dirhams but what the f, it’s red velvet. I’m obsessed with anything red velvet. See how many times I mentioned red velvet, I’m addicted, it’s my drugs. Lol.

I also ordered vanilla milk shake because I really wanted to try the Frozen Hot Chocolate as seen in the movie but the thought of too much sweetness  from the cake  and if I order that might just make me puke. And knowing Mac I know he wouldn’t help me finish it.

Mac just wanted to eat pizza.

My ginormous red velvet cake, I didn’t know it was this big! I’m so happy I get to take home half of it or I think 3/4 of it.

We spent 169 AED but it so worth it. Next time I’m gonna be back and try that Frozen Hot Chocolate for real.

  • Just Vanilla Milkshake – 35 AED
  • BBq Chicken and Cheddar Pizza – 72 AED
  • Red Velvet Cake – 50 AED
  • Soda – 12 AED

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