Tortilla: A Mexican Afternoon

Tortilla is a Mexican restaurant located at Dubai Festival City. Since I love Mexican Β food and DFC is just a 10 minutes cab away from our home. My husband and I decided to visit it one afternoon.

When we arrived there were only a few people eating, even though they are in the food court area. I’m just grateful that it ain’t crowded that time cause I hate crowded places.

No queue!!!! πŸ™‚

See.. The place looks so neat and quiet which is a good thing for me and my husband.

Mac ordered Medium California Burrito. I forgot to ask him how was it. Or did I? Maybe…. I just forgot his answer. Haha.

I ordered the Burrito Bowl which is only 28 AED. It’s very cheap right? And yes it was delisyosoooo. Just add 4 AED and you get an extra guacamole which makes the whole dish like a true Mexican dish. Or did it? Gee. Why am I like this?!!! For my drinks I had the lime fresh juice which was so refreshing.

Of course, my favorite of all time Churros!!!!!!!! I so friggin love Churros!!! I remember back in Manila before going to my night shift at work, I will ask my husband to pass by SNR first and we always ate churros and pizza. Almost every fucking night, haha. That explains our weight gain.

Honestly, I enjoyed the food especially the churros πŸ˜‰

And yep I’m surely gonna visit this place again!


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