Joe’s Crab Shack at DFC

Joe’s Crab Shack is an American chain of beach-themed seafood casual dining restaurants which is located at Dubai Festival City.

My husband brought me to this place a few weeks ago.  I guess he really wanted to eat crabs, since I’m always the one choosing where should we date. Except this time. But, not that I don’t like crabs, it’s actually our favorite. No doubt he chose to dine here.

The place is actually huge, there’s a lot of table. And it’s beach themed, which makes it so awesome.

I’m wearing a white shirt and it’s about to get messy, good thing they have a free apron. The staff there even wrote Crab Queen on my apron and Crab King on Mac’s apron. It was kinda cute, right?


The Ragin’ Cajun (AED 159)
I loved how the staff served this, they did a countdown before opening the pot and shouted The Ragin’ Cajun. It was amazeballs!

We ordered The Ragin’ Cajun (AED 159) and the East Coast Platter  (AED 71). We finished the whole thing, lol. We were so full after that. Although Mac wasn’t very happy with his crab, he told me that it wasn’t that fresh and he thinks it has been frozened for a while. Me, I just enjoyed every bits of it.

He told me, he wasn’t happy, but look at that smile.

Overall, it was a good experience and we’ll definitely visit again!



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