Walter’s Coffee Roastery: A Breaking Bad Themed Cafe

Coffe lover like me will definitely love this new cafe at Dubai Mall.

Walter’s Coffee is a breaking bad themed cafe. (I have watched a few episodes of Breaking Bad but I’m not really into it.) Apologies for the segue. Haha. Anyways Mac and I wanted to have some Iced Coffee after our shopping spree at Dubai Mall, it’s our thing, we always would go on a coffee date. He really wanted Tim Hortons but the branch near the Dubai Fountain was jampacked, so I told him “why don’t we try Walter’s Coffee?”. He wasn’t into it but I insisted it anyways.

The cafe looks very science-y or chemistry-ish, I was kind of expecting the area is Β big , but when we got there it was pretty darn small, Β the place looks huge on their photos online. Nevertheless, this is a rad cafe! Plus they’ve got a huge ass periodic table of elements on their wall (see on my last photo).

I told you the place looks very chemistry-ish.

Mac ordered Dirty Chai Latte, because he likes chai and he’s dirty (in a good way). I ordered vanilla shake because the barista told me they are gonna put vanilla ice cream in it.

I tried Mac’s Dirty Chai Latte, but TBH I didn’t really like the taste of it.

My vanilla shake was great though, I enjoyed it. It wasn’t very sweet nor bland, it was almost perfect I just wish there is a hint of coffee taste in it.

This place is perfect for your coffee fix and a good IG photo πŸ˜‰


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