Joe’s Crab Shack at DFC

Joe's Crab Shack is an American chain of beach-themed seafood casual dining restaurants which is located at Dubai Festival City. My husband brought me to this place a few weeks ago.  I guess he really wanted to eat crabs, since I'm always the one choosing where should we date. Except this time. But, not that I [...]


Tortilla: A Mexican Afternoon

Tortilla is a Mexican restaurant located at Dubai Festival City. Since I love Mexican  food and DFC is just a 10 minutes cab away from our home. My husband and I decided to visit it one afternoon. When we arrived there were only a few people eating, even though they are in the food court [...]

Serendipity 3: Dessert Lovers’ Heaven

Have you guys seen the movie Serendipity? Of course you have, right?! I love that movie. And when I found out that there is a Serendipity in DFC, I was like... "Holy Shit I'm Gonna  Eat There!" And yes I did. As you can see from the outside of the restaurant it looks very inviting and [...]