Travelling the World in Global Village

It was my first time in Global Village! I should have posted this like a million years ago, but here I am posting it now that they're closed. LOL. I went there straight from work since we decided to go on weekdays and because there were less people on weekdays. I didn't expect that there'll [...]


My 25th Birthday at Sonamu Asiana Hotel

I celebrated my 25th birthday at Sonamu in Asiana Hotel with my husband. It was our first time there so we weren't sure what to expect. A week before my birthday, I realized that I wanted to eat korean bbq and grill on my big day. So I kept on searching on restaurant that are [...]

Happy Birthday Hon πŸŽ‚

Not more than a month ago, my husband celebrated his 30th birthday (as so he would say). He's not really 30, but he doesn't want me to reveal his age to anybody but himself. His birthday was March 21, we decided to keep the celebration simple, since he had to work that day. We had [...]

Serendipity 3: Dessert Lovers’ Heaven

Have you guys seen the movie Serendipity? Of course you have, right?! I love that movie. And when I found out that there is a Serendipity in DFC, I was like... "Holy Shit I'm Gonna Β Eat There!" And yes I did. As you can see from the outside of the restaurant it looks very invitingΒ and [...]