Walter’s Coffee Roastery: A Breaking Bad Themed Cafe

Coffe lover like me will definitely love this new cafe at Dubai Mall. Walter's Coffee is a breaking bad themed cafe. (I have watched a few episodes of Breaking Bad but I'm not really into it.) Apologies for the segue. Haha. Anyways Mac and I wanted to have some Iced Coffee after our shopping spree [...]


800 Degrees Pizza

Pizza is eternal, they say. I couldn't agree more! 800 Degrees Pizza is an authentic Neapolitan Pizza. I don't even know what that is. Seriously. Wait. Googling it. It was our first time dining at 800 Degrees Pizza and we had no idea what to order. It took us a while to order the pizza [...]

Serendipity 3: Dessert Lovers’ Heaven

Have you guys seen the movie Serendipity? Of course you have, right?! I love that movie. And when I found out that there is a Serendipity in DFC, I was like... "Holy Shit I'm Gonna  Eat There!" And yes I did. As you can see from the outside of the restaurant it looks very inviting and [...]